FEATURE REQUEST - Reset Ring Spotlight Cams From The Ground

I’ve had my Ring camera set up for a long time now and have been very pleased with it, except every so often a camera will go offline. I’ve installed a signal extender in one area where this seems to happen often. It looks like that helped, but there are other cameras, some close the router that still do this. Fixing the offline problem of course involves going up a ladder and pressing the reset button. I’m forced to go days sometimes before I can get someone to do this for me because I have problems with my knees. One is prone to collapse unexpectedly. I don’t want to be on a ladder when that happens. All of my cameras are under the eaves about five feet over my head.

Why doesn’t Ring design a device I can use from the ground to press the reset button? The idea device would be something with adjustable (or preset) brackets that sit on either side of the top of the spotlight camera. The center of the device would feature a button presser, operated manually or electronically. The presser settles over the button on top of the camera. When activated, it would hold the reset button down for the few seconds required to put the camera in reset mode. At that point, I could put my camera back online. If I had the technical knowledge and tools, I’d create it myself. I certainly wish someone would. A device like that, on an extendable pole would be a godsend for those of us who can’t go up and down ladders or those whose cameras sit higher

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