Feature Request for schedule mode -- Faulty sensor should not bypass automatically

Currently faulty sensor are automatically bypassed in the schedule mode. Is it possible to provide an additional toggle in the app to sound the alarm or not , while creating the schedule.

It would help in the case where door is left open unintentionally. And schedule kicks in late night when you are asleep.

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Just to clarify something.
You want the option to NOT have the alarm turn on (activate) if something is left open when the schedule is supposed to turn in on? Thus leaving the rest of the doors and windows unprotected all night because the alarm is off?
Whereas, currently, the alarm will still turn on if something is left open.
Is that correct?
If your goal is instead to find out that you left something open before going to bed, you can easily do that in your Ring app already.

Figure a clarification might help people decide if they want to vote on this or not.

No. I want alarm to activate but schedule setup needs to have additional question. For details please read below.

The current flow is, faulty sensor is bypassed during the activation of the schedule.

But I proposing to change this flow when we are setting up(not activating) the schedule mode. There should be an additional question during the setup, do you want to bypass the faulty sensor ? or do you want to raise an siren if an faulty sensor is detected during the activation ?

One downside I can think of this change is the false positive call to support. But it can be also handled in the setup by asking the question, whether support team needs to informed in case of faulty sensor ?

Hope this answer your question.