Feature request - Be able to make a camera / device Offline temporarily

I have my cameras on my back yard pool area. When having a pool party, I would really like to disable the recording of t he activity. I know that we can suspend notifications but we should also be able to suspend recording for a giving time. This feature needs to be validated with MFA so the bad guys can’t do it.

You can disarm the cameras and that will turn off both notifications and recording. But you have to remember to set them to Home mode again afterward.

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Hi @tse54re. As @trail-explorer pointed out, you can use the Modes feature to change how your Ring Cameras behave based on which mode you’ve set them in. For example, you can set it so that Disarming them stops them from detecting motion or recording, that way you can disarm them when you’re having a pool party or hanging out in the back yard area. Then once you’re done, you can put them back in Home or Away mode and the motion detection and recording can continue at that point. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: