FEATURE REQ: Floodlight Wired - Dimming Capability

Wish we had the ability of setting the lighting level for the wired floodlights. I didn’t see a setting in the app for this. Anyone know if the light has this capability?

None, I have been considering them but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m still upset with the audio problems.

I’m talking about the new-ish wired floodlight (it doesn’t have a camera on it, so no audio).

I have the Flood Light Battery (no camera) hooked up to a solar panel.I have a PoE connected StickUp cam as well and the two are linked together - if the light detects motion, the camera records and vice versa. It works great and yes, it features a dimming function. I am surprised that it’s not available on the wired version. Hopefully soon as I have in our garage a Ring Pro and would love a dimmable wired Flood Light