Feature/Product Request ... Temperature and Humidity Sensor

If your Product Dev team could develop an inexpensive Ring sensor to monitor, alert and store historical data for temperature and humidity … I would buy 5-10 of them; The use case would be for monitoring temp/hum 24/7 for my wine cellar, refrigerators, freezers, and in general (indoors and outdoors); The critical feature would be to see historical data on the phone app … I want to be able to compare temp variances when temps get really hot or really cold and how that compares to the temps in my wine cellar and wine fridges in my garage;

I’d also love to see some dedicated temperature sensors. I’d argue they can be used as an integral part of home “security” related to freeze or high temps. In particular, I have a vacation home in the mountains where temps get cold I. The winter and hot in the summer. I have the flood/freeze sensor but it’s not granular enough to allow me to custom alert as temps drops which would indicate my heating system is t working right. The other side would be temps getting too hot indicating my split unit isn’t cooling. Baseboard heaters and split unit AC have limited solutions today for automation. There’s tons of zwave sensors available today but it would be nice to have one that is supported and custom alerts could be created using the Ring app. Thanks for considering this!


I need to monitor my govee freezer monitor with my Ring Security system if possible. It connects to WIFI, Bluetooth and communicate with a mobile app. I need to know if Ring supports this type of device. I have a large amount of meat and vegetables in my freezer and would hate to lose them.

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I would also love to see a temperature device be available with ring. Ring s not just for security. They already offer other devices like fire detectors and the flood and freeze detector.

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I am looking for a sensor that will work with Ring that will tell me temperature. It amazes me that no Ring sensors include temperature. This is pretty standard with other security products sensors. And I’m not just looking for a freeze sensor. I want a sensor that will tell me the temperature where it is placed.

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I know right? There are so many times I have wanted to know what’s the temperature outside my house and think about checking the weather app on my phone, but the current temperature and weather conditions are not always accurate for my location. They also sell those thermostats that claim to do the job but they are really expensive and not always work well. So I end up checking the Ring cameras to see if it’s raining or not and also wishing that my Ring doorbell or my floodlight camera could tell me what’s the temperature out there or even on devices inside my house. I think it would make a good addition to the utility of all Ring devices.

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Please add temperature and humidity sensors to cameras as this would be an extremely helpful feature.

Definitely need to add a temperature/humidity sensor to the system. Many applications for this including protecting pets from loss of heat or A/C in homes and RV’s

Amen… Did Ring reply on this feedback?