Feature - Dashboard

Feature Friendly Dashboard!

When is Ring going to update the dashboard to be a little bit more friendly with the quick, easy, and fast buttons for us to control features? the dashboard seems plain engineering and not very friendly like the vivint app or others. we should not have to dig all the way to submenus just to activate or close or open a door. etc… the cameras should be smaller and in a quadrant for ease of viewing all at once (similar to Lorex nvr app) - hint Ring engineers, get on with it! I just got rid of all my vivint systems to integrate with Ring and I am not happy I can’t even do my Gocontrol garage door! same thing with adding additional Z-wave sensors that simply will not work with the ring alarm system! again all these reasons I bought the system and now running into these items!

time to make things easier! shouldn’t be that difficult to write code and integrate GUI! come on guys