Familyhub on samsung fridge no longer previews ring doorbell video since latest doftware update

The smartthings video widget previewed ring doorbell live footage with no issue until the latest software update on my samsung fridge. Now i get this:

The same video widget i used is still available but instead of showing the ring video says video/screenshot of this camera will be support later and has a link to click instead.
This particular integration with ring was working fine and was supported before the sw update.

When will this smartthings video integration with ring return or support displaying live footage without click a link?? Having a screen displaying the ring doorbell live was one of the standout integrated widget features on this samsung fridge.

Hi @gh29. The Ring Widget on the Samsung Fridge is completely designed and maintained by the Samsung team. Us here at Ring do not work on the Samsung Fridge Widget/App. For this concern, I would suggest reaching out to the Samsung team directly.

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