Family Member Afraid of losing videos after Ownership Transfer

I received a Ring Floodlight Cam from a family member after she moved and no longer needed it. She has videos on her account that she is afraid she’ll lose if she transfers ownership to me. So I now have a Floodlight Cam that is really only a motion sensored flood light.

Is she correct in thinking that she’ll lose the videos after change in ownership? Any steps I should take to ensure her that her videos are safe? Or do I have a motion activated flood light with a non working camera until she changes ownership?

All videos are only kept for 60 days unless they are downloaded. So anything from the last 60 days can be downloaded. If the last time she used it was over 60 days she’ll find she no longer has any videos. Hopefully she downloaded them.

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It is definitely best practice to save any important videos before calling support and having them transfer the device to your ownership. Learn more about device ownership, here.