Family access

Hi, Sorry if this question has been asked a few times. I have just installed a new Ring camera this week and I set it all up but I have noticed my Husband doesnt have the access I have. If he wants to see a video he has to click on the phone notification and can only see that timeframe once. Whereas I can open the app at any time and check previous or current feed.

Is there a way for him to have the same access as me?

How many people can have access, I am looking at installing them at in our business.

Hi @Brittany. No need to be sorry, you are in the right place! First I would make sure that he is added as a Shared User. Then check that your husband is logged in on the right location. You can do this by tapping the Menu in the upper left corner, then selecting the Location at the very top. That should allow him to view all cameras from the Ring App. If you’re going to be using Ring for Business, this Help Center article here can be a great resource. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Ah, I had also tried to set it up on his phone so he had the wrong location selected, but it was named the same. Thanks for your help much appreciated :slight_smile:

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