They want you to buy their doorbell so they removed compatibility with their biggest competitor. Fools.

Wow! After trying for two days to “INTEGRATE” with nest, nest hub and aliens from another world to bring my Ring doorbell into the twenty first century. Then am directed here to find that it is only a dream and that Ring does not want to play with everybody else. VERY VERY disappointed and will be putting my ring doorbell in the trash and joining others in buying something that truly wants to work.

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Google doesn’t want to play with Ring as well. It’s mutual. Just like Apple doesn’t get along with Microsoft. Nothing new.

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If the focus would be providing services instead of fighting and profit first, we would live in a way better world…
That includes every industries that profit is far more important than services or ethics.
Unfortunately I’ll need to replace my 5 ring devices and its cool applications around it because of this purposly intended incompatibility.
Please learn that you don’t win anything by supporting this trade war, and the ones that lose the most are your customers… and not to mention how associated brands are damaged.
This is a sad example of the no sense things that prevent the world and technology to move forward.

This should not need to be considered as a feature request but as basic product functionality.

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I paid for the full year and that allowed two cameras. Now it’s saying mine expired before 6 mos were up. Wth