Failing Gen1 First Alert Smoke CO2

I have r gen1 First Alert Smoke and CO2 detectors and they are failing one at a time. In the last 3 days I have had 3 units not close to each other false alarm on smoke and generate an alarm to Ring.
these units were all installed in 08/2019. I this an issue with these units?

No, there’s no general issue with them.
Try replacing the batteries.

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Hi @BigTSoFlo. You can try changing the batteries as @SolarEclipse suggested, or cleaning the First Alert with a dry washcloth to ensure it is free of any dirt or debris that may be impacting its performance. However, I would still recommend following up with First Alert’s support team directly given that you have had false alarms. You can reach out to First Alert directly at 800-323-9005, and you can find their help center here.