Failed to connect: trying to open the door from within Ring app

From within my home, I can open the door, no problem. I am also able to unlock the door remotely.
However, there always seems to be an issue whenever I come back home from work, at the front door, trying to get it to open from within the Ring app, i.e. I can’t get it to open immediately. It usually fails to connect for at least 4-5 times. By the time it manages to set up a connection to unlock the front door, I could have unlocked the door the traditional way with my door key thrice.
It’s a little embarrassing standing out on the street for what feels like 5 minutes, waiting for the app to finally be able to connect and let me in. This is not how I imagined the Ring Intercom would work. Has this issue been reported before? If so, please advise.

Hi @Ya7aki Welcome to the Ring Community! We’d be happy to take a look at this with you. Please let us know which traditional intercom the Ring Intercom is wired to and send us a picture of your wiring. We look forward to supporting you more.