Extremely loud feedback noise when answering via app


I have a ring intercom, connected properly via the app instructions to an ELCOM HT-Universal 2. I can open the door without any problems via the app but when I answer the door via app the outside com of the doorbell makes an insanely loud high pitched noise, likely feedback.
How can I avoid this?

I use the cable A, A1 is connected to 5, A2 to 6.

Hi @user75607, Welcome to the Ring Community!

Apologise to getting back to you only now.

Usually some audio issue can be fixed adjusting the volume and mic setting via the app.

Please tried to adjust the volume of the mic and the speaker in volume setting.

-Open the app;

  • click on 3 line on the top left corner;
  • click device and Ring intercom in the next window;
  • click on device setting on the bottom → general setting → volume setting;
  • try to adjust the speaker and mic volume(decrease/increase) to see if the issue disappears.

If the above troubleshooting will not help to solve the issue, please let me know in order to continue our investigation.

Thanks for your cooperation.