External motion sensor not sending notifications


I’m looking for a little help. I recently purchased a bridge and 2 external motion sensors for the sole purpose of being able to be alerted if someone or something were to enter my driveway. I have the bridge and external sensor units setup. In the app I can see when the motion sensors are detecting motion, so they work, but I do not receive a push notification from the app (on iPhone).

Motion detection is enabled, push notifications are enabled. App is up to date and I’ve tried logging out and in again.

IFTTT doesn’t recognise smart lighting sensors as a category from which to trigger a sequence.

Can anyone advise as to what might be my issue and why I receive no notification on motion?

Many thanks

Hey @ForgeC! You should certainly be receiving motion alerts with your Smart Lighting Motion Sensors and Bridge. The first best step would be to visit your Motion Sensor settings in the app to ensure motion is not disable on them. As Smart Lighting is often used with groups or linked devices, I recommend checking on the settings of any groups these devices are in. It’s always good to double check any motion scheduling you may have setup in the app.

If these steps do not help you obtain push notifications to your mobile device, please try removing and reinstalling the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same setup and problem. I do receive a “ding” on my iPhone and a brief popup message but it usually disappears before I can read it. I was expecting the same verbal notification I get from my doorbells and floodlight, which include the name of the device detecting motion. I was also expecting to have the ability to snooze the alerts. These devices don’t even appear on the dashboard. These need to function like the motion sensors in other Ring devices.