External door sensor

There is no information about the IP rating for the alarm doors sensors, so I am unsure if they can be used externally. I think it would be beneficial to have an IP rated sensor mounted to our back gate for notification of personnel entering our back garden.

This info would be useful in the item description.


This would be a great feature to have watertight/waterproof contact type sensors like window ones for doors. Would love these in black for my outdoor gates and driveway gate to activate my smartlights or cameras.

++1 here. As a temporary measure you could mount thicker part of sensor in small water tight boxes and stick or screw them to the gates. The thin part is just a magnet and won’t be affected by the elements.

I currently have two of the gen 2 sensors mounted to my two side gates since our gas meter reader leaves the gate open and i was tired of my dogs getting out. since i had two extra ring sensors i decided to use them instead of buying outdoor rated ones. they have been outside for a little over a month now and they still work and look like new. not sure how they will hold up over winter time but well see.

Hey neighbors, the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor is now available for pre-order! Please check out this Ring Community announcement to learn more, and comment on the post to share how you plan to use your’s. Thank you for your feedback and interest in this new device!

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Would the Outdoor Contact Sensor work in the mailbox to alert when the mailbox is opened? Range isn’t an issue and the mailbox sensor doesn’t work for me.