Exterior wall alarm/camera warning placards


I’ve noticed that ring don’t offer any type of larger warning placards that can be fixed to an exterior wall of a property, particularly in areas and situations that prohibit external sirens to be fitted (apartment complex rules, local bye-laws/city ordinances etc.).

There is the small door placard available on the website but from a distance it’s not very visible and only warns of video recording. And the solar sign is only really suitable where you have a front garden or space at the front of your property to display it.

It’s common place in most of mainland Europe and more recently in Ireland and the UK for alarm companies to fix a plaque to the outside of a property that has an alarm fitted in place of an external bell box/siren.
As well as it being part of most standard alarm and security camera installs from bigger companies, in most EU countries it’s a legal requirement to display a visible warning on the outside/boundary wall or fence of your property when you have cameras installed on the outside of your home or business in an area that is accessible to the public eg. A driveway or side/rear alley. (See below for an example of other companies).


Surely this is something that ring could design and sell with minimal issue? Not to mention it could be easily printed in multiple languages for all regions that ring products are available? (En, Es, Fr, De etc.) And offer one for camera and alarm and then separate ones for only alarm and only camera. I did a mock-up of a sign but unfortunately as a new community member I can only attach one image!

Its a product that would sell very well in the European market at least! Something to consider….

Here is an example of what ring could produce and sell in region specific languages (just a mock-up).