Exterior Strobe/Siren

Has anyone succesfully integrated an exterior strobe or siren unit to work with the Ring alarm? Looking to have an outside strobe go off should the alarm be triggered so that it calls attention to passerbys that something wrong is going on in my home. A Ring product or third-party one would be good to have developed if there isn’t already one out there.

Hey there, @davelac. If you’re looking for a light source that will turn on when your Ring Alarm goes off, you may be interested in getting our Smart Lighting system. You can control the lights so that, if your alarm goes off, it will turn on your whole light group that you have set up. It won’t strobe at this time, but if may give you that extra outdoor lighting that you are looking for. Also, take a look at our extra siren that you can get as well.

I would like to use a louder third party siren and have it activated by one of the Ring compatible/“Works with Ring” smart plugs from GE or Leviton. For example, alarm is triggered and Ring system activates smart plug which has an AC driven siren connected to it. Would like this to have some sort of timer function also so it stays on for some set time (say 30 seconds) and then resets.

Is this possible with current ring systems and approved smart plugs