Extending WiFi signal outside

I have just purchased a Ring doorbell 3 and have located it outside the house next to our entrance gate. How can I improve the WiFi signal? Is there such a thing as an external extender on the market that is weatherproof?

Hi @Pickhill. We do have a product that is used to extend the wifi signal to your Ring Doorbell. It is called a Chime Pro. This is a wifi extender that is used exclusively for Ring products and also plays a tone when your Doorbell button is pushed. However, this is designed to be used indoors only. Depending on the distance, this could be a great solution!


many thanks for this suggestion. Although we get notification when the door bell is used we do not get a picture and when trying to get a live video stream often it doesn’t work.

Do i presume that this is down to a weak WiFi signal?

I am using a Talktalk WiFi extender, do you believe that the Chime pro will improve on this?

I am cautious about spending even more money and still the system doesn’t work properly.



Hi @Pickhill. I don’t know your exact wifi strength or the distance you are trying to cover, so it’s difficult to say if it will work or not. But the suggestions made are my go to solutions for fixing poor signal. I hope this helps.