Extenders Not Showing Up Under Devices

Is there a reason why my Range Extender is not showing up under devices?

Hey @Richard31221. Are you referencing a Ring Alarm Range Extender or a Chime Pro? Have you set them up through Set Up A Device within the main menu of the Ring app?

Range extender. My chine extender is showing up.

@Richard31221 Thank you for clarifying! If this a Ring Alarm Range Extender, you will go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station and then under here you will see the list of all sensors, detectors, keypad, extenders, etc. In the event you do not see the device under here, please set up the device again in the Ring app.

Ok, thank you. It is not immediately apparent why some devices themselves show up under devices and others show up under the Ring Base Station. Is there a technical reason for this?

@Richard31221 No worries, happy to help! The Alarm Devices are within the Alarm Base Station since the Base Station controls all of these devices through its hub. In addition, this is to avoid have too many devices clutter up your Devices section if you have other Ring device set up on the app! :slight_smile: