Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording)

Using this as a baby monitor, so it’s annoying that the live view turns off every 10 minutes on our devices. Would love an option to turn off this time limit.


i agree. ring should 1) allow 24x7 recording even if added fee, 2) have live view of all cameras for app and web instead of snapshots, 3) not time out any live view. Google Nest has all these basic features why does Ring have to be so difficult?!


Last fall, I installed a Ring Stick-Up cam to monitor my driveway (a one-car length driveway in a townhouse development).

Turns out it might have been a good move.

At 3:38 this morning, the camera recorded two individuals getting into my vehicle and fumbling around.

At 7:00 am, the vehicle was no longer in my driveway.

Fortunately, the vehicle’s iPhone app knew exactly where the vehicle was and the local police department were able to retrieve it quickly.

…and… I have an excellent video of the driver to share with the police

A couple of observations…

  • I mounted the camera to give priority to people coming up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and the stairwell on that side of the driveway. I didn’t expect anyone to come up and enter the vehicle on the passenger side so I don’t have a very good image of that individual. I’m not sure how to fix that other than a second camera.
  • motion detection appears to only work on people, not vehicles or people in vehicles, so there is no record of the vehicle pulling out of the driveway
  • the video recording length is only 60 seconds (the default). I have changed it to 120 seconds but even that might not be enough to fully document what the intruders were doing in my vehicle.
  • the recording only starts when motion is detected so there is no indication where the intruders came from (walked in or dropped off by a second vehicle or…)

I note that someone else on this forum has suggested a 24/7 video recording. I second that request or at least longer recordings and more flexible triggers so that a better record of the event can be obtained.

It would also be an improvement if video from before the trigger could be saved.



I really, really want to be able to use the indoor cameras as a baby monitor. However, in their current state, I cannot. Having the Live View shut off after 10 minutes just makes that unacceptable. Please make your products more versatile!


I would have thought that this would be an easy feature to implement. Is there any reason its been 3 years since this was raised and yet still no update?


I followed a link here from a 2018 thread. Ring team - please change this from “solved” to “unsolved”. It’s the #1 requested issue, and something that you announced in 2018 would be coming soon.

If there’s no plan on implementing this feature, can you explain why to the community? If it isn’t possible that’s fine, just let us know why and we’ll know you’re at least trying.


agree. Many users asked something and team doesn´t find or work in a solution.
The support team is completely :persevere:

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Sometimes I am waiting for someone to come to the front door, or just want a view of outside. I have a tablet with the Ring app on, with a display of outside. But every few minutes I have to click “Reconnect”.

Request: have a mode where it doesn’t disconnect. Maybe I can even connect this to a TV and pretend my basement office has a window with a view.


@mgangemi This isn’t the type of product which Ring is. Ring is a notification based system where it will alert you when it picks up a person etc. That is not a bad thing its just the type of system they sell. It disconnects as the live view is not designed to be left on, all video be it notifications or live view goes up into the cloud first. If you want 24/7 recording and live view you really need to go for an NVR based system/IP camera set up where the storage is all local.

Are you guys currently working on enabling 24/7 continues recording to paid users?


There shouldn’t be a 10 minute timeout on the live broadcast for customers subscribed to Ring Protect Plans!

It doesn’t make sense that paying customers are still being limited on certain features with non paying customers. I also think that if Ring gets rid of the timeout completely for subscribers, not only will this entice more users to subscribe, it’ll also allow customers who have dedicated monitors for security, get back accustomed to running 24/7 live feeds but in a modernized way with modernized products from Ring.


I would like to see the Snapshot Capture Times reduced from their current choice of settings of 3 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds.

These times are totally useless as I’ve found using the 30 second choice.

If I want to see what’s gone past my property and I have it set on the lowest setting of 30 seconds, 99 times out of 100 I’ll miss capturing what I’m looking for.

As an example, if a car going past my property is doing 50km/h (31 miles/hr), in 30 seconds it can cover 420 metres (460 yards).

The boundary width of my property is 20 metres (22 yards).

You can imagine how useless it would be to use the 1 minute or ridiculous 3 minute settings.

What I would like to see is these setting changed to 1, 2 and 3 seconds so that they can capture everything properly.

There will be many more recordings but the time kept could be reduced and overwrites could occur after say 14 days allowing users to go in and save images if they wish before they’re overwritten.

This feature would be much more useful as a vehicle travelling at 50 km/h in 1 second will travel 10 metres so I would get around 3-4 images of any car that goes past my property.

If set at 2 seconds I would get 2-3 images and if set at 3 seconds I would get at least one image of any car going past my property.

This change would actually mean the Snapshot capture tool would be beneficial rather than useless.

Please vote on this to make it happen.

Thanks for reading.


Still no update when the feature is going to be released? At least give us a expected moment


@ bemak187

This is a common feature found in most of the cameras that Ring cameras are competing against. This is a feature that every Ring camera should have and needs to have in the future or else the Ring cameras will continue to be considered as dog poopy. The 10 minute live view time out seems to be one of the worst decisions Amazon has made and everyone here realizes that. The only thing worse is the shape of Blue Origin rockets.

Amazon - Ring has taken what would be considered a good camera line and made them inferior to almost every other competing camera in the market.

@ Everyone

Please do not recommend Ring cameras to anyone you know until they address this issue.

Secondly. Be sure to go through this thread and click the small :heart: heart to like every post in the thread. It’s fun to do and you get to assign nearly 50 likes per day and the more likes received for this feature request maybe… who knows… C’mon Ring, get with the program! It’s been over 5 years…

Thirdly. If you haven’t already done so, consider leaving a negative review of the camera you purchased on Amazon.com using the link to this forum so that other people can be spared the headache of owning a Ring camera.

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I have routine that automatically opens live view on a Samsung android tablet when the bell is pressed. I can’t automatically close the live view after a set time without rooting my device and I don’t want to. It would be great if there was an option to set the live on time in the Ring app instead of the fixed 10 minutes.


Does the timeout have something to do with the amount of recording space?

How about offering a switch in live view to turn off recording for the current live view session?

(X) don’t record button. And then allow it to stay active until the live view session is closed.

As a new Ring customer, this is a great idea. Your post is nearly 2 years old with no traction from support. I found it by searching for a solution to the live view timeout. I too have a use case for a live view setting that doesn’t timeout where recordings are not needed.

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I agree that this is a very important feature and I think I’m going to return my recently purchased Ring Stick Up Cam for this reason.


Please add infinite live stream, with multiple cameras at once too! I bought multiple wired cameras and an echo show, expecting to be able to keep an eye on things while I worked, but it’s not the case. Motion alerts aren’t enough - I know there’s continuous activity around the house, but I want to constantly see it without needing to interact with the device every 10 minutes. The lack of this feature will be enough to make me switch to a competitor.


This thread is more than 3 years old.
Can anybody from Ring explain why after 3 years the feature is not available?
If I have known this before buying the camera, I would have think twice before buying it.
And for sure I will not buy any other camera until this issue is solved.