Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording)

Re: the 10 min live limit if subscribed, my needs are: 10 seconds live recorded if motion is detected. If viewed on a desktop device do not shut off live display, just record motion section(s) as done currently. Add a scheduling feature for this continued live viewing i.e. " “no notification sounds” = checkboxes to select times. That would reduce the storage and record keeping to only my requested data, and allow the camera(s) to act as monitors.

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Any update on continuous recording?

I could care less about continuous recording, but I can’t believe you can’t continuously view the camera on a device, specifically for a baby monitor.

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Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording) Please add it.

Ring, take notice your ring community need it.

There are handy buttons on live view like “Mic On/Off”, “Speaker On/Off”, “Lights On/Off” (if applicable), etc. Why not add “Record On/Off”? Record options can timeout after 10 minutes (reducing cloud storage requirements) and only reactivate again if motion is detected or by manually clicking record button again, but critically, leave live view active and continuously broadcasting.

For me, the other requested feature for multiple views in a single session is not as critical (at least on a computer with a browser) since I can pull up two or more live views in separate browser instances side by-side and dock them on a screen.

Like others here, I do like to monitor outdoor activities in a surveillance type mode.


Continuous live view existed on my Amazon Cloud Cam that came out almost a decade ago and Amazon (owner of Ring) just bricked those cameras. They offered Blink cameras to replace them but like Ring the Blink’s don’t allow continuous live view either. Crazy and really disappointing that they have taken this major step backward. If it was possible 10 years ago and technology has gotten so much better in that time I can’t imagine why this is so hard now. Get it together Ring/Amazon and listen to your customers!

I got a Ring Floodlight cam for a Christmas present from my family. After finding out that you cannot continuously monitor a live view with the camera (not continuous record, I don’t need or expect that) I am returning the Ring and looking for something else.

I’m also a +1 for this, i would love to have a small monitor or other device showing my streams 24/7 on an indoor security screen like any other camera system can. I find it quite odd that these are premium priced cameras but missing real basic NVR capabilities. I don’t need it to be recording 24/7 i understand that this would drastically increase the save streams online and therefore storage, but the ability to directly stream the cameras live just on my local network would be much better.

@ Ring team any updates on this?

so Ring acknowledged and is working to bring this feature but where is it?!

I would even pay an extra $20/month to have continuous Recording like Google Nest offers

Ring, please make the timeout setting for all security cameras customizable. !!!

Using this as a baby monitor, so it’s annoying that the live view turns off every 10 minutes on our devices. Would love an option to turn off this time limit.

i agree. ring should 1) allow 24x7 recording even if added fee, 2) have live view of all cameras for app and web instead of snapshots, 3) not time out any live view. Google Nest has all these basic features why does Ring have to be so difficult?!

Last fall, I installed a Ring Stick-Up cam to monitor my driveway (a one-car length driveway in a townhouse development).

Turns out it might have been a good move.

At 3:38 this morning, the camera recorded two individuals getting into my vehicle and fumbling around.

At 7:00 am, the vehicle was no longer in my driveway.

Fortunately, the vehicle’s iPhone app knew exactly where the vehicle was and the local police department were able to retrieve it quickly.

…and… I have an excellent video of the driver to share with the police

A couple of observations…

  • I mounted the camera to give priority to people coming up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and the stairwell on that side of the driveway. I didn’t expect anyone to come up and enter the vehicle on the passenger side so I don’t have a very good image of that individual. I’m not sure how to fix that other than a second camera.
  • motion detection appears to only work on people, not vehicles or people in vehicles, so there is no record of the vehicle pulling out of the driveway
  • the video recording length is only 60 seconds (the default). I have changed it to 120 seconds but even that might not be enough to fully document what the intruders were doing in my vehicle.
  • the recording only starts when motion is detected so there is no indication where the intruders came from (walked in or dropped off by a second vehicle or…)

I note that someone else on this forum has suggested a 24/7 video recording. I second that request or at least longer recordings and more flexible triggers so that a better record of the event can be obtained.

It would also be an improvement if video from before the trigger could be saved.


I really, really want to be able to use the indoor cameras as a baby monitor. However, in their current state, I cannot. Having the Live View shut off after 10 minutes just makes that unacceptable. Please make your products more versatile!