Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording)

I’d like to be able to live view one or multiple cameras without having to refresh or sign back in every 12 minutes

Requesting 24/7 Live view. I bought 8 Ring cameras for my shop. Two are hard wired so that I can use them 24/7. Only to find out they time out every 10 minutes. Further more you have to sign back in. Not liking this settings.


I’m getting frustrated this requested feature isn’t available. Even live view within the mobile app is sketchy when the doorbell rings. I moved away from my homebrew Amcrest/Blue Iris system for something “simplified”. I’m beginning to regret that decision.


its 2022 and we need continuos live view !!! this has been a common complaint and request feature since 2019 …unbelievable

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It’s great to see alarm pro supporting adding ONFIV cameras. However, it’ll be even better to support adding RTSP cameras. Thanks!

I migrated to Ring over others and now regret so doing without 24/7 live view. I am using a video doorbell wired so power not an issue. Please add this feature as a matter of urgency.

Mine is plugged in so…

Definitely looking for the ability to have live view for a customized or unlimited duration, such as 8 hours, no need to record unless there is detected motion matching recording criteria. Such an annoying “feature” to make me reconnect every 10 minutes and and even re-login hourly~ when I have live view pulled up on my Apple TV screen to view whatever events going on around my home, albeit the pool, driveway, kids coming and going, etc.

Sigh…wished I read this thread before buying these falsely advertised security cameras…have had to repack them up and swap with google nest…that 10 mins is just BS and lodged a complain to the accc in Australia that they should not be marketed as so. If there is ever a product owner within ring, they have obviously been turning a deaf ear to the must haves for a security camera.

Just swapped for google nest and it’s working beautifully after 3 hours and counting with no fall out in the continuous stream…no thanks to Amazon’s misleading security camera.

In short peeps…go buy a nest and return this hot garbage

Ring never said their devices were 24/7 so please keep the drama to yourself and just post facts.
There’s plenty to complain about with various Ring products but have the decency to at least say truthful statements.

Hi Chelsea, I think the use model is not to record 24/7, but unlimited streaming to a device w/o recording the live view event. Most folks want to use these cameras as real-time monitors (i.e. baby/pet monitor)