Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording)

I agree. I wish that they would add this. My neighbor’s car got broken into and my wired camera was in direct view. But that wasn’t in my motion zone, if it recorded 24/7 I would have the footage. Really hope they add this!

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Good Morning All,

Do we know if Ring is still developing the 24/7 recording feature?

I just purchased the Doorbell pro, a hardwired spotlight cam, and a chime repeater at the store and assumed that at least the hardwired security camera would have 24/7 recording, since it didn’t say anything to the contrary on the box.

Now that I already have it installed, I am thinking about taking it down and returning it to Amazon after finding out these devices don’t do what I need them to do. I already had an incident where the neighbors asked if I could pull footage from an incident that happened across the street, but since it wasnt a motion zone I couldn’t help them, and that was shocking.

I would consider hanging on to these products if I knew that 24/7 recording was in development and coming soon. Can we get an official response from Ring on this matter?

Same with me - any official response from Ring/Amazon yet?

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I totally agree. This setting should be set by the user, not Ring. The user should have complete control of how long he wants to view the live view, this should not be set by Ring. My product, my setting.

This will never happen. Ring’s whole profit model is designed to shackle you to their cloud subscription by routing your video stream over the internet to their servers and then back to you. 24/7 recording would require local access to your video stream as it would overwhelm their servers and use all of their resources if they were to record and store your video footage 24/7.

If you require local access to your own video stream, 24/7 recording and a security system that works whether you have an internet connection or not you really need to look for something else as Ring will just never enable this.

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I’m not sure if this has been updating or not, but I have the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and I’m viewing it from the website Ring.com. I do not have to click at all to continuously view the footage. It reconnects automatically each 12 minute video. Maybe this is the answer? I am using the Chrome web browser, I am going to test it through the browser on my phone to see if does the same thing, but so far been watching for 28 minutes and haven’t had to click reconnect like I have to for the Ring app and it auto reconnected twice so far. It’s also still recording the live view event so technically could be close to 24/7 recording if you leave it on all the time or for however long you want to view it for?

Bumping. Would love to have this. Only thing preventing me from buying more… I need the piece of mind of being able to check the yard/basement at a glance (on a spare monitor or

Crime is out of control in my city and it’s a shame that Ring puts profit over people’s safety by not enabling this feature after 3+ years of working on it.

Would like to be able to keep an eye on the camera from another location. No recording needed, just view and sound. Option to record if movmement but even without would be an improvement.

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Nest is doing 24/7 recording with their cameras to the cloud.

Plus Ring now offers the Alarm Pro which does local recording (yet still requires a subscription). 24/7 recording to that would be an option I think many would find acceptable.

It’s amazing that they haven’t enabled something in this space yet, if for no other reason than their competitors have.

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Hopefully this 24/7 recording feature will be available soon for wired devices. It is such a let down because companies like Google have this which i am using at my second home due to the lack of continuous recording for ring devices…

Why is continuous viewing timed out on Alexa app? It does not record,it is just for viewing. Most ar not looking for 24/7 recording as was promised in 2019. Just continuous viewing.

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Please eliminate the 10 min live view timeout.
Allow camera to view in live mode unlimited.
No need to record everything.

Yes REMOVE limit. I have plug in power and would like to watch live UNTIL I turn off.

I’d like to be able to live view one or multiple cameras without having to refresh or sign back in every 12 minutes

Requesting 24/7 Live view. I bought 8 Ring cameras for my shop. Two are hard wired so that I can use them 24/7. Only to find out they time out every 10 minutes. Further more you have to sign back in. Not liking this settings.


I’m getting frustrated this requested feature isn’t available. Even live view within the mobile app is sketchy when the doorbell rings. I moved away from my homebrew Amcrest/Blue Iris system for something “simplified”. I’m beginning to regret that decision.


its 2022 and we need continuos live view !!! this has been a common complaint and request feature since 2019 …unbelievable

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It’s great to see alarm pro supporting adding ONFIV cameras. However, it’ll be even better to support adding RTSP cameras. Thanks!

I migrated to Ring over others and now regret so doing without 24/7 live view. I am using a video doorbell wired so power not an issue. Please add this feature as a matter of urgency.