Extend the length of Live View (24/7 recording)

I am also extremely disappointed I invested in the Ring system. I had a Nest doorbell (that I was very happy with), but wanted to add additional devices and Ring subscription for multiple devices is cheaper. I had no idea there was no continuous recording until I walked outside to let my dog in and saw a couple deer in our backyard with her. I went into the system to backtrack and watch the footage and discovered there is no continuous recording!!! Very upset and now I have invested in two floodlights and the doorbell. I would advise anyone considering a switch as I did to stay with Nest, it is worth the extra cost.

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I got tired of waiting for 24/7 continuous recording so I switched my shop’s cameras to Amaryllo. I still have a couple of Ring cameras at home which I will be upgrading next month. I felt extremely disappointed because I was team Ring since before Amazon. I am pretty satisfied with Amaryllo’s service so far. I use their continuous 365 cloud recording for my 5 cameras and have a NAS as a backup. It’s so simple, I don’t understand why Ring wouldn’t implement this.

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It is pretty close to 24/7 recording I feel like. Records most events in the field of view if not all if you don’t have any zones you don’t want to record and has time lapse screen shots in when it isn’t recording which you can set the interval of. I do have 24/7 recording on my Nest doorbell at $5 a month for 5 days grandfathered plan, I think now it’s $6, but sometimes it’s hard to find an event that didn’t generate an alert while scrubbing through the timeline as it moves too fast and you have a lot to sift through unless you know exactly what time the event took place maybe from another camera. Wish Nest would fix this but it looks like google won’t be releasing anymore software feature updates as they seem to be discontinuing nest event though they did release a new thermostat that isn’t as good as the previous one.

People are tired of waiting for 24/7 recording to come to wired security cameras. Ring is losing customers because this is starting to become mainstream with companies. I still have Ring cameras around my house but now use Nest for the front of my house. If I knew Ring didn’t have 24/7 recording, I probably wouldn’t have bought 11 cameras. I would have gone with Nest instead so I would have that option. I am still waiting for this feature. If this feature doesn’t come in the next year, all of my Ring equipment will end up on eBay and I will go with Google Nest to protect my home.


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Are you ever going to offer full 24/7 video recording for devices that don’t have batteries? I have the Ring Doorbell Pro and Floodlight Pro. Both should easily be able to record 24/7. Would love to have that feature instead of relying on snapshots.

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@exworld Question comes up all the time on the forum. Ring is not designed or marketed to do this. Its an alerts based system its not a full blown CCTV system. All Ring data is stored in the cloud and even live view goes via the cloud. Any 24/7 recording would be continually using your internet connection as well as require much more storage on the AWS servers Ring runs off of (ie they would charge you more for it). A full blown CCTV system with IP cams has the video server locally in the form of an NVR which can then be accessed remotely if needed from an app etc. Yes there are some solutions which provide cloud storage for recording but none of them are as good as a proper NVR based solution. I think the thing to keep in mind is that Ring is not a CCTV system.

This all makes sense, but competitors like Nest has been able to get continuous recording to work, I know a few nest users and love the feature with little caveats/issues. Not sure how Google got around continuously sending video feed to their hosted storage location (maybe hold the video in a local storage cache then sending it periodically?).

That’s the great thing about technology, there are creative ways to get things done (I am an AWS cloud engineer, so I actually experience these types of creativity daily) but either way, it’s doable.

I am close to deciding to migrate to Nest, solely for the purpose of having a 24/7 recording, as I too (with other users), have missed vital footage due to Ring’s motion detection not picking things up.

Only thing that is stopping me is the Ring Alarm system, with great services such as the flood and mailbox sensors.

Create a feature that allows any wired device to record footage 24/7 as an option

When will the new feature be added to ring protect.For 24hour monitoring? UK residents.

I moved from Nest to Ring due to the expanded security system and Ring is more affordable. But I have now had 3 separate instances where Ring, on multiple camera’s, did not pick up activity I would have wanted to see. I still have my Nest Hello doorbell cam because Nest does 24/7 recording. 2 of the 3 times Nest picked up what I wanted to see. the 3rd was only missed by Nest because I accidentally changed my plan with them to motion based. I have Snapshots turned on at 30 seconds, but that is an eternity with a quick action as proven by my instances. I have been keeping my Nest Hello for the 24/7. I am willing to pay more for 24/7 recording from Ring, PLEASE offer this and soon. If it is not offered by the time my current Nest subscription expires, I will have to divert from Ring back to Nest for the cameras. I simply have a requirement of 24/7 video recording. I am willing to pay a premium for it and I am ok with it only be stored for 24-48 hours. I’ll know in that time frame if I need to review the footage or not. Ring PLEASE give us 24/7 ASAP.

NOTE: I realize this is a battery drain, I would be ok with it being only offered plugged in/hardwired devices, selfishly that is all I have.

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

I 100 percent agree. I think this feature needs to be added.

I’ve got a Ring Doorbell (battery) and a Ring Spotlight Cam (battery) to watch my front door and back yard. I’d like to add another camera that watches the street 24/7 and records constantly (or at least with any motion). I don’t need notifications. I just want to be able to look back any time there has been suspicious activity on the street.

Which is the best device for this purpose? I prefer something I can plug into an outside outlet. Thank you!

Best device for this is a DVR system. Nothing battery powered as well.

@JohnMihaljevic wrote:

I’ve got a Ring Doorbell (battery) and a Ring Spotlight Cam (battery) to watch my front door and back yard. I’d like to add another camera that watches the street 24/7 and records constantly (or at least with any motion). I don’t need notifications. I just want to be able to look back any time there has been suspicious activity on the street.

Which is the best device for this purpose? I prefer something I can plug into an outside outlet. Thank you!

Hello @JohnMihaljevic ,

An outdoor Ring Video Camera is designed to record video when it detects a motion-triggering event, so therefore it cannot record 24/7. But there is a way to come pretty close to 24/7, especially if you are going to be monitoring a street that has frequent passing cars.

I too wanted to do something similar (monitor & record activity in my front yard that also faces my street). I’ll tell you what I did, and then you can decide for yourself, if what I did might satisfy your needs.

I purchased a Ring " Stick-up Cam Plug-in". You do not want to purchase any battery version camera, because:

  • Attempting to maximize the camera to do as many recordings as it can, will quickly deplete the battery, causing frequent recharging.
  • The Ring Battery-powered versions will NOT have some of the “power-depleting” options or settings (to extend battery life) that are available in the Plug-in/Wired powered models , such as the 30-second interval “Snapshot” feature option.

I intentionally mounted and selected settings to maximize the Stick-Up camera’s ability to have the most motion-triggering opportunities, to get as close to 24 hour video coverage as I could. I mounted my “Stick-up Cam Plug-in” on my house’s wall facing the street.

For Stick-up Cam Mounting:

  • Mounted it a little bit lower than normal (about 7 feet above the ground). Mounting it lower had two major effects:

For Stick-up Cam "Motion Settings: (to maximize motion-triggering events to be recorded).

  • Customize/edit your Motion Zones to cover the entire camera’s field-of-view.
  • Adjust Motion Sensitivity to “Most Sensitive./All Motion”
  • During the set-up, when it asked "Does your camera face the street, answer “No.”
  • “People Only Mode” toggled OFF.
  • Do not use “Motion Schedule.”

For Stick-up Cam Device page:

  • “Record Motion” toggled ON.
  • “Motion Alerts” toggled OFF (your App will receive too numerous annoying ‘pushed’ text-type Notifications, because you set up your camera to record any event).

On OTHER camera devices: (in your case, your Video Doorbell & your Spotlight cam)

  • On those devices, select “Link Devices” and toggle ON the the street facing Stick-up camera. So when these other devices are motion-triggered, they make the Stick-up cam record, just in case it is not recording at the moment. These links will make it record more often. Caution: Linking more than two cameras may slow down or stop camera recording, depending on your home’s bandwidth and Ring setup, so you should avoid linking 3 or more video cameras to this street-facing Stick-up cam. Consider linking whichever cameras potentially have the most motion-triggering events.

For Stick-up Cam "Device Settings:

  • Video Settings:

    • “Live View”: Toggle ON (to enable Live View).
    • “Tap Camera Preview for Live View”: Toggle ON (for faster Live View activation).
    • “Video Recording Length”: set 120-seconds (new longer recording feature!).
    • "Infrared Lights for Night Vision: Toggled ON (to illuminate the IR LEDs when in Night Mode).
  • Snapshot Capture:

    • “Snapshot Capture”: Toggle ON
    • “Snapshot Frequency”: Select “Every 30 Seconds” and then “Save.”
    • “Alert Settings”: “App Alert Tones” select “Silent” (your App will receive too numerous annoying Sounds Alerts, because you set up your camera to record any event).

The Results:

I was very pleasantly shocked how far the motion-detection range is increased by mounting it lower! The lower mounting resulted in the camera’s “aiming” to be more horizontal instead of downward, thus maximizing its range distance (instead of pointing downwards to the earth). My street curb is 50 feet away from the camera and even people walking on the other side of the street trigger a recording, including all passing cars, with the following settings.

You won’t get text-type Notifications (toggled OFF) nor App Alert-Tone(selected “Silent”), but you really don’t want these because the intended goal is to record as much as possible, and not go crazy with all the numerous Notifications & Sounds from your Ring App.

Typically my “Event History” is full of recorded events, recorded for 120-seconds, and then a slight delay, followed by another batch of 120-seconds recordings. When there isn’t some motion to trigger a recording, then the “Time-line” page will have a “Snapshot” still-photograph picture every 30-seconds, which has a good chance of catching an event image that is beyond the motion-triggering range. During the day, I’ve found my Event History is full of “Back-to-back” video recordings, often triggered by passing cars on the street. Late at night, with less traffic, I have sections of only “Snapshots” between car-activations.

Other Considerations:

Setting up your camera to maximize motion-triggered video recordings will result in a lot of data-bandwidth streaming use on your Wi-Fi router. Other Wi-Fi devices might be impacted, and so you might need to compensate by upgrading your Internet-speed with your Internet provider.

Remember that both Video recordings & Snapshots are stored and can be downloaded. Videos are stored on the Ring “Cloud” server for 2 months (some countries for only 1 month). The “Snapshots” have less storage with a 7-day limit, or a maximum of 30 MB worth of snapshots on powered devices. Once either of these Snapshot limits have been reached, the oldest snapshots will be overwritten by newer ones. (Note: Battery operated device limit is a maximum of 2.5 MB ).

Also the Stick-Up Plug-in cam has a cord of 22.9 feet long, so I would recommend routing the plug to an indoor power-outlet. This reduces the chances of someone just ‘pulling the plug’ if an outdoor power-outlet is used. In my case, I drilled a hole through the wall to route the cord and then chalked-sealed the opening.


I also wasn’t too concerned about theft since I mounted the camera at a lower height, because the cam becomes useless to the thief if stolen (“Ownership” feature makes it a paperweight) and also Ring Support will replace it if stolen. I preferred maximizing my motion-detection range so the cam would trigger more frequently.

I chose a “Stick-up Plug-in cam”, but you could also use the “Spotlight Cam Wired” or “Floodlight Cam” (if you have a house-power junction box located outside facing your street for the Floodlight cam). The Stick-up and Spotlight cams currently have the 120-second video-length recording feature, and soon the Floodlight cam should have the ability to change from 60-seconds max to 120-seconds soon too (this new feature is slowly ‘rolling-out’).


You can’t get 24/7 video recordings with Ring cameras, but I am happy with how close I did get for satisfying my monitoring needs. And I still can use my Ring App to “Live-View” monitor or view recorded videos wherever I am. You’ll have to decide whether to go with another system that is truly 24/7, or if this method using a Ring cam will meet your needs. I hope that you find this information useful in your decision :slight_smile:

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Boone, great write up! My main question is, do you have notifications turned off for that stick up cam? In may instance I have a Ring Flood Light cam to cover the front of my house. I have motion zones to NOT get notifications for every person/car that pass, but I would like it all recorded so I can go back later if needed. My dilemmas is wanting notifications for my zones but not every alert on every moping AND want as close to 24/7 recording as possible without a zillion notifications. Thanks!

I changed my security system to ring because I thought the two way talk was an awesome feature. I did not know when I switched that it didn’t offer 24/7 recording. I really miss that with my previous security system and I don’t understand why ring does not do this. Yes, motion detection is nice but it would be nice on top of 24/7 recording and play back of any moment, not just motion detection. I would like to keep this but I will have to switch back in order to have the 24/7 recording options.

I wish you could add 24/7 recording like all other security systems on the market right now.

i second the wish for 24/7 recording. It helps with the possibility my camera doesnt pick up motion, but maybe it catches something at a neighbors house. the 24/7 ability will make ring just that much better. I consider the lack of 24/7 recording a majot feature loss for Ring

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Yes, this feature is sorely needed by Ring. Between 2 residences, I have a total of 10 Ring cameras. At this point, I am too far in to switch to the Nest Platform but the lack of 24/7 recording is something that would prevent me from going with Ring if I was getting started now. My neighbors with Nest cameras have been able to capture recent criminal activities int he neighborhood that my cameras have missed out on due to the lack of this feature.

Please follow through with this feature that was originally promised in 2018-19

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I might be switching because my cameras miss too much activity on my street. I am in a nice area but I have a walk through from a Main Street and constantly have different people walking through. My daughters friends bike was stolen after being outside my house for 10 mins. Camera didn’t catch anything. My dash hound/beagle mix caught a bird and killed it and only caught on camera after he already had the bird and walked in front of camera. Definitely did my research on cameras before I made my purchase and was told 24/7 recording would be implemented. Almost a year later and nothing yet. Very frustrating and feel it’s a waste of money at this point.

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