Exposed cable on wired outdoor stick-up cam

Hi is there anyway the cable for the outdoor stick-up cam to be routed directly in to the camera as opposed to having it exposed on the wall ? Or is there an accessory available to achieve this? I have previously used Swann cameras and their cables are hidden in the camera mount which makes them far more secure and avoids unsightly cable runs on the wall

Hi @woody21. Which Ring Camera were you looking at installing? Plug-In Cameras do not have a specific mount to hide the cable. Devices that are hardwired to high voltage, such as the Floodlight Camera, would not have an exposed cable.

Hi Caitlyn, thanks for your message. I was hoping to use the stick up cam pro (plug in) or the spotlight cam pro (plug in).


@woody21 There are no mounts designed to hide the cable for our Plug-In Cameras. You can try browsing the Community to see what other neighbors have done for cable management, or use cable clips to run the cable directly to where it is plugged in.

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