Explorer program

I just recieved an email inviting me to join the Ring explorer program. I wasn’t sure if it was legit or a scam. Has anyone else recieve this type of email or been in a Ring explorer program? any info/help would be greatly helpful.

Hi @sheenae7777, it seems you may have gotten a legit email from us on this! This is a program we run, and you can reach out to our support team here to validate this email you received from us. Additionally, you can review the ToS for it here, and learn more about it in a Reddit discussion here.

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I was originally invited to participate in the Ring Explorers Program about 6-7 years ago. I was an original crowdsource supporter for the Doorbot (still in use) and I have 3 other doorbells all connected as we speak. I was involved in testing many Ring branded devices and some locks etc. For some reason I am no longer included in the program. I would really like to be invited back into the group. I enjoyed the testing and being part of the community. Any idea how I can get an invitation?

Thanks in advance


Hey @Gadg8man. The Ring Explorer’s program is by invite only and will randomly be sent to your email at the time of need for testers. If you have been in the program before, they may be going through the list of neighbors that haven’t been involved first before circling back around, or maybe since you have been in it before, this puts you at higher chances! From my impression, the picking is at random, so make sure you check your email every so often and your spam folder just in case! :slight_smile: