Expertise needed to install Retrofit kit?

I have a conventional wired security system and am considering Ring because of the Retrofit capability. They say DIY is possible. I have done a fair amount of electrical work and am familiar with household electrical code and familiar with using a multimeter to measure AC/DC voltages, resistance, and current. I have replaced and added GFCI outlets and standard outlets and switches in existing circuits, determined the circuit load to make sure it was safe to do so. (I have not added new circuits.) I understand middle-of-run and end-of-run wiring, the difference between hot, neutral and ground, and so forth. I have not done any alarm system wiring. I have also done some circuit-board type wiring.

What instructions are provided with this kit? What is the assumed level of expertise of these instructions? What expertise is really necessary? Do I need to be an licensed electrician, or am I set if I understand the correct way to make connections, test for continuity and shorts, and test voltage and current?


Hi @6StringJazzer. A great place to start with the Retrofit Alarm Kit would be our Help Center Article here, which contains all of the information we have on the setup and installation processes. You can make yourself familiar with everything in there to determine if this project is a good fit. I’d like to note that this is an advanced DIY project, so we recommend that you consult a professional before installing the Retrofit Alarm Kit.

Professional alarm installers and qualified electricians are experienced with wiring projects, are familiar with using tools such as multimeters to test electrical wiring, and can read and interpret electrical schematics. We advise you not to install this yourself if you are inexperienced in any of these areas. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: