Executive Failure of the Ring, Blink & Neighborhoods Community

I caught my “Peeping Tom/Thief” upstairs neighbor spying on me. After taking some action with network security, I immediately recorded him pulling wires out from in-between the walls and had heard an iPod charge in these walls before.

I tried to post this info in the Neighborhoods app that came with my Blink wireless camera today and was rejected for being against community guidelines. Pfft. The Executives know that everything is hackable and fear that if this information was shared freely on their conglomerates products, people would stop buying. No, we wouldn’t. We would have evidence.

The title of this post hold true. Same ol’ short-sided excessive capitalism ensuring their commercial interests negating the purposes of their good/service, letting the bad people get ahead, which they exploit.

Thanks for letting me share.

~ Steve

Yes, no one is hiding the fact that nothing is free from being hackable.

Anyway, not quite sure what your point is.

Good luck.

Get to know your neighbors without using a computer LOL.

Wave at them as you or they walk by and strike up a conversation. That’s how I do it.

Sure, good skills to have socially. Even better skills to have are that in the legal variety. Specifically, in Virginia, in my situation, to start:

§ 18.2-130.1. Peeping or spying into dwelling or occupied building by electronic device; penalty.