Excessive motion detected notifications from Ring pathlights

I recently purchased and installed two ring pathlights (one solar and one battery), and have been getting excessive motion detection notifications from both since then. Almost one notification every 2-3 minutes with no one being out by the lights. It’s making it very difficult to want to set up any sort of automation on them as it is very inconsistent and way too frequent.

I already have both pathlights set to “Low” motion sensitivity.

Does anyone have any ideas on maybe something I’m missing in terms of settings or any adjustments that I can make to lessen the motion alerts? I’m also concerned that the frequent motion detection will drain the batteries faster.

Hi @Razorcat. The bushes near the Pathlights could be triggering these motion detected alerts, as well as the shadows put off from those bushes. We have some information on the motion detection used in Ring Smart Lighting devices here, which may be helpful. You could also try moving the Pathlights to the other side of the walkway to see if that helps reduce the excessive motion detection.