Excessive Battery Drain

I recently installed a Ring 2nd Gen doorbell on 12/11. The battery is draining extremely fast, in 8 days it had drained to 75% and now it is sitting at 64%. Last Tuesday I went through all the setting with their Tech support and everything is set to the recommended for best battery life. He told me to call back in 7 days and IF the battery was 50% they would replace it. That’s tomorrow and I figure the battery will be sitting at 60%. It has chunked through almost 40% in a little over 2 weeks. I do face the highway but I don’t get any alerts for cars after initial installation and setting the motion zones. The motion is usually only activated 3-4 times per day max 5 on some weekdays since my mail is delivered to my porch. It’s has been ridiculously cold this past week but the battery hasn’t discharged any faster, it’s actually slowed some.
A friend of mine has the Ring 3( recent upgrade from Ring 1st gen) and her kids set it off the time but her battery is way better. As in she’s just now to 90% and installed her new Ring the day after I installed my 2nd Gen.
I was counting on charging it at the most every 3 months not monthly. That’s a huge hassle and I’m not sure it’s worth keeping the dang thing.
So what are your opinions about CS and then sending a replacement since I really think this thing is defective OR should I just send the whole thing back to Amazon? I work from home 3 days a week and my home office is isolated from the front door. I need a reliable doorbell and so many of my friends love their Ring that’s why I bought it. So far I am hugely disappointed in this thing.

Hi @TracyRN15. Thank you for sharing details on the battery percentages as well as how often your Doorbell is detecting motion. Based on the number of motion events you’re describing, the battery shouldn’t be discharging this quickly. Do you only see about 3-5 motion events in the Event History, or are you only receiving 3-5 motion alerts? The Smart Alerts option under Motion Settings allows you to choose which events you do and don’t get alerts for, so it’s possible your Doorbell is recording more often than you are getting alerts.

Extremely cold weather can definitely affect the performance of the battery, which you can learn more about here. Our support team offers a replacement after all applicable troubleshooting steps have been done, so that would be the next step if the battery keeps discharging very quickly. You can also return the Doorbell to the retailer you purchased from if you were considering a different model.