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Hey there!

I am really disappointed as I migrated ring to all my houses and now I see how it lacks features that should be the base from any alarm or camera.

  1. There is nothing to protect your outdoors. The only product to protect the outdoor are cameras, but these cameras do not trigger the alarm, so I already had three times where over night people jumped into my land and walked around without any issue, all I got were phone notifications I saw next day. Why no sensor for outdoor? or some laser that when you cross triggers alarm? anything? SOMETHING IS REQUIRED!

  2. Cameras. I am not going to say they miss events… but they do. But why is not there an option to a stream where you can connect to the cameras 24x7? I used to have a monitor with all the cameras streaming, with ring this is not possible and I only discovered this after I bough all. This is a key feature, if you do not want record 24x7 ok but at least offer the ability to connect to the stream from the cameras 24x7… AT LEAST LOCALLY!

I am going to continue with ring as I migrated 4 houses to this, but in the coming years if this does not improve I will definitely move to something else.

And the worse is that all these features are pretty easy to implement and are present in any other competitor.