Event History Timeline need more improvements

This is feedback on the Flood Cam Ring.

First I want to say that before I really hated Event History Timeline. Why you would ask? First, the black theme doesn’t match with what your brand and isn’t consistent, my OCD kicking in. But I digress.

Why do I not like the Event History Timeline? First, every time I update the Ring app, I have to manually turn it off again. The location where you turn it off is hidden. I started to stop updating my Ring app because of this.

Second, the timeline on the Event History Timeline is hard to read. Your background is black and your timeline time is in gray. Then I have to scroll to find the day in time where there is motion. In your original “Event History” it lists all the events where there are motions, I can easily look at all motion with in the past X days. Verse I had to only look at one day and I have to scroll forever, depending on how many motions are recorded.

I only dislike it less because it does show snapshots of the day.

To close, whoever your project managers are. Please step up your game. Please have more case studies. Make something that is “user friendly” and “easier to read and understand.” Some customers like myself doesn’t have all your products. So my experience may be different from someone that has all your product. I’m not sure how far my feedback will reach. But I supported Ring shortly after it appeared on Shark Tank.