Event history not loading videos on the website but working on my phone, tablet etc

I am having the same issue on the website. Live video will not load nor will the videos from Event History. I am using Google Chrome and I am not using a VPN. The issue has NOT been solved!!!

Same as everyone here - unable to view recorded events on my work computer for the past 2+ months. Has anyone heard anything new/different from Ring tech support? Crazy!

Just tried to report this issue as per your post. The chap I spoke with had no idea about this issue at all & the only solution was to use a different browser. That is not satisfactory. I asked to be added to the ever growing list of unhappy users & whilst he said he would add my name to the list I suspect he was just fobbing me off.

No solution in sight & not bothering to find one I suspect. Very disappointed.

Just switched browsers from Chrome to microsoft edge. Videos played…Well! for 2 minutes.
Back to trying to load. That didn’t last long.

It looks like something has changed in the background here. A while back, the videos worked and now they do but it depends on which WiFi I’m on.

I did a bit of digging and found that the fixing firewall issues section in this article https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205385394-The-protocols-and-ports-used-by-Ring-devices fixed it for me on the WiFi that didn’t work for event history view too

Maybe something has changed on rings side and they are making changes to the way the history view works to make it more like the live view too. Hope they fix it soon but maybe people can try that article to see if it fixes it for them to

I have been having the same problem as the rest of these unhappy customers. Before I saw these comments I had called tech support and was quickly told the problem is my PC, and nothing they could do to help. Now, I see all of these comments and realize this problem is not my PC. Sometimes videos load, however, most of the time they will not load. I can click on one video and it works, but if I check other one it will not load.

Same issue here. Was working just fine and then not. Still cannot view history in Chrome or Safari.

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One thing I have noticed is that when I try to view on my cell (webpage, don’t have the app.), the ring webpage immediately knocks my cell service out each time I click on a video. When service returns and I click on one, I get a glimpse and then no service again. This is not the case when my phone is on wifi though, and I can view videos a decent amount of time that way, which is really odd. I don’t notice the internet going out on my computer when I go to the website, but it’s nearly impossible to load videos.

Anyone thinking of suing Ring for breach of contract???

Appears to be working again.

I have a similar problem. It seems that this is a systematic problem with RING and no solution in sight! My problem is when I go into History (I use a MacBook Pro and Safari latest version) none of the Videos load on the screen as they should. It works on Chrome on my PC and on my mobile app iPhone on Safari … but I’d like it to work on my laptop!!!

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Having the same issue. This issue is clearly not solved.

Same thing with me. Video history plays fine on my Android phone Ring app but not on my Windows PC. I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome, no difference. Both browsers are up-to-date.