Event history not loading videos on the website but working on my phone, tablet etc

This was all fine and working 2 days ago. Cannot work out why it has stopped!?

Any help will be really appreciated.



Hi @AlChester17. Which web browser are you accessing Ring.com on? Make sure the web browser is updated. I’d also suggest testing a different web browser to see if this issue occurs on both, or if it’s isolated to one.

I have had the exact same problem since last week. Tried both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. What could be the problem?

Same issue since last week. Both in Edge and Chome. Site loads fine, login fine, videos on app on phone fine - just do not load in web version.

I have had the same issue since last week. Safari is the only browser where the Event History would work.

Hey neighbors, thanks for your feedback. Can you let me know if you’re seeing an error message when you try to view an event in the Event History on Ring.com? Does the video load if you try to share it? Feel free to attach any screenshots or screen recordings demonstrating what you’re seeing on your end.

It just spins saying “Loading Video” and then just never does, with a “There was an error loading your video” message that appears momentarily over the list of videos in the history. If you go to share the video, create a link, and then copy/paste that link to a new tab in the same browser - it does work. It’s a work around but obviously not ideal nor explains why the normal history video view mode isn’t loading/working.
Thanks for your help!


Any luck with a potential fix? Issue still occurring as of this morning - 3/13/23

@user38475 Thanks for confirming the behavior you’re seeing on Ring.com, I have forwarded this to my team. In the meantime, try switching to Legacy Mode under Video Settings. Let me know if that makes any difference, or if this error persists.

Is there a way to update to Legacy Mode in the web version or only on the mobile app? Part of my issue is that I’m only using the web version during the day as I don’t have access to my phone while at work.


@user38475 You would turn Legacy Mode on in the Ring app under Device Settings > Video Settings. Then test out an event and view it on Ring.com to see if this same error still occurs.

I’ve the same problem on web view, event history won’t load. Please kindly help to fix this issue as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Videos are failing to load for me as well in the web browser which is kind of a deal breaker for me. I’m attaching a snapshot of the Console output for the dev team if it helps. I’ve tried in Firefox and Chrome.


Same here, started happening 3 days ago. Works fine on my app on my phone, but while using Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers on my desktop PC at work, they just won’t load. Come on Ring what’s going on?

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Same here. I have tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge on my desktop. Videos will not load. Videos do load via the phone app.

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I have been experiencing this problem with “Loading Video” using Edge, Firefox and Chrome. All of my browsers are all up to date. I can view Live Video, just cannot playback my history using a browser on a Windows 10 PC.

The Ring App works just fine on my iPhone, but I need browser access during the day while at work.

This problem is new and it began last week. I’ve been quiet because Ring normally has fixes right away, but I guess since it only affects PC users, they are taking their time in investigating this problem.

Please investigate and fix ASAP!


event history not loading on ring website. Think all the posts on this page says it all. ‘RING’ please fix.

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Im so fed up with Ring , they put the prices up and its a hopeless service , keep missing events. This pc issue looks like its been going on for a while

Same problem RING, what is the solution? If you don’t have a solution, will I be getting a refund for the months where I can’t view my history?

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Just did a live chat using my desktop PC at work, only be told I need to be at home where the door bell is and contact them again from there!! WHY??