Error P16-33-20032001 in FERMAX 9401

Good morning, I have a fermax 9401 and a ring intercom, followed all the steps for the correct installation. However, when doing the test I get error P16-33-20032001.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

I called customer service and they told me to separate the 2.4 wifi from the 5g.

I have also called my internet company and have done what the customer service girl told me without the expected results.

Can somebody help me?


At least for me, the P16-33-2003201 error is resolved by connecting the ring intercom to a 2.4 Wi-Fi.

This wifi should only be 2.4.

It is not worth it to be 2.4/5G or 5G, it has to be a 2.4 channel only