Error code P1-78 on Ring Floodlight Camera

My floodlight camera suddenly stopped connecting to wifi and has error code P1-78. I have tried reinstalling several times but with no luck. All other ring devices and electronics have no problem connecting to the wifi and the router was reset as well. How do I fix this problem or is it a manufacturer’s defect? I see other comments from users with the same problem for their ring devices but no actual solution offered.


Hi @user39968. Have you tried a power cycle? You can do this by simply disconnecting the Floodlight Cam from power for 10 minutes, then reconnecting it. If you aren’t seeing any lights or signs of life from the Floodlight, you’ll need to contact our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Excuse me, but how do you turn off power to the flood light/camera? There is no on-off switch. So do I have to get up on a ladder, remove the camera, let it sit for ten minutes and then reinstall the whole thing? There has to be an easier way.

Same thing happened to me. I tried to flip my breaker for a few minutes. Reset it back to my wifi and nothing. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S22. My floodlight is generation 2. I’ve got plenty of wifi strength green at 53. I’m about to toss this thing and get something hardwired!


Hi @user40536. As @user7654321 mentioned, you can do this by flipping the circuit breaker that controls power to your Floodlight Cam.

None of that worked! What I had to do was totally reset my Wi-Fi. So unplug your router for 30 seconds to a minute. Let it get back together. Then it should work. But just to be on the safe side, I reconnected My camera to the Wi-Fi again! Don’t waste your time doing anything else. So far this is worked! So unplug your router, give it 30 seconds to a minute. Then go back outside and reconnect your ring to your Wi-Fi!

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Read my answer below. Seems to work

Turning off power, by disconnecting the wires, worked. Turning off power at the breaker did not work, however.

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Hey neighbors, thank you for sharing the troubleshooting steps that worked for you! It may help other neighbors who have a similar issue. :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I have 2 wired floodlight cams. Both went offline at the same time. I’ve tried to reconnect. On one I can lean out a 2nd floor window to hit the reset button. The other I’ll need a ladder.

I’ve flipped the power switch off for a few min, then powered back up. Nothing.

I’ve powered off wi-fi and then reconnected that. Nothing.

Everything else is connected to wifi fine. I’m not happy. Should have gotten the battery ones and a solar panel at this point.

I wish that worked for me. But no.

This totally worked for me and I’m so grateful! Turned off power from breaker box that feeds to garage light - waited ten minutes and then the ring flood light went into set up mode and I connected back to Wi-Fi and the app easily

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I have had both my cameras go offline at the same time multiple times now, only fix is to reset the wifi. Is there an actual solution ring?

Hi @Danzuran. If your Cameras are falling offline repeatedly, try verifying they have a good signal strength. We also have this Help Center page with other steps to try for Cameras that keep falling offline. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

I am also getting this issue on my floodlight cam.

Reset at the router works, until after a few detections the camera takes itself offline. I have power cycled the camera also. Same symptoms (this includes removing the power up at the camera itself).

I have no issue with signal strength as the camera has been up and working for close to 2 years without this issue previously. As I have a mesh WiFi node directly below the camera.

Ring have you changed anything software related in the last few months? This is an extremely annoying issue that seems to not have a solid fix behind it.

Hey, mine is doing the same thing. I have a similar floodlight in the backyard and it’s not going offline. Both have RSSI-64 to RSSI-69 when I check it.

The front will go off for days and then randomly come back online or I reconnect it each time, which is getting tiresome.

The difference between the front and back floodlight is that the front is directly wired to electricity and the backyard is plugged into an outdoor outlet.

I’m curious what kind of connection people have with their devices that are going offline.

Wondering what I can do. It worked without problems for a long time- maybe over a year and it’s been going offline randomly for several months now.

Hi @renny5. An RSSI on -69 can cause intermittent issues. I would start by rebooting your internet router. If possible, move your WiFi access point or WiFi extender closer to your Floodlight Cam. Also, try flipping the circuit breaker for your Floodlight Cam and leaving it off for 10 minutes, then restore power and it’s WiFi connection. This should resolve your concern.

Thank you - I’ll try the circuit breaker.

The front flood light is only like 5 feet further from the router than the backyard one…so I’m hoping I don’t need an extender… and thinking back, it never dropped like this before I upgraded to the Cox cable router that has 2.4, 5.0 and 6.0Ghz bands.

Just FYI
I looked at them on the router webpage and it says 5.0 and 6.0 have an uptime of 6 days and the 2.4 is only 1 day and 20 hours which is about when the front dropped last. So somehow, the other Ring devices were able to reconnect and seems odd that one could drop and not the others…

I called Cox and they said there is no way to change any router settings - the 2.4 is frozen on channel one - manual - I asked if we could switch it to automatic, thinking that when a channel was congested, it would switch… no one apparently knows anything about this new router (I was on hold over 20 min while he went to talk to people.) sigh…

Anyways, thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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