Entryphone v200

Hi, I’m trying to add the intercom to an older version of entryphone the v200 but they only have wiring diagrams for a v201, i have slightly different labels on the board

A1 is the power, i can see that on the board
A2 is port L which i believe that’s for the ringer, but in my device port L is for speech
A3 is to port p, which i believe is audio output/ microphone
A5 goes to port 1, which i believe is open door, on mine that’s called button but sounds right
A6 to port A1 ringer activator but in my system a1 isn’t used but b1 is, possibly because that’s linked to other flats.
Any thoughts on if i would likely be OK just wiring in as per the instructions?

Hi @Dave_sw1 . Our team advises against using the Intercom with any traditional intercoms that are not listed in our official list of compatible devices. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system. Our development team has thoroughly tested and confirmed compatibility with the devices listed on our official compatibility list. We value the safety and functionality of your intercom system, so we strongly recommend sticking to the devices that have been verified by our team. This will help ensure a smooth and reliable experience with Ring Intercom.

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