Entry keypad for access controller pro 2?

I have a gate lock controlled by an electric strike. I understand I can use the Access Controller Pro 2 to drive the strike.

However, I also need a keypad to allow some people to open the door with a code, and I want to be able to change the codes remotely (not necessarily with the ring app).

So my setup would be a ring doorbell with camera, next to it a keypad for people to get in without my assistance, and an access controller pro 2 to drive the electric strike to unlock the door.

This seems like not an unusual use-case but I am having a difficult time getting the relevant info.

Thank you!

I would like to find such a lock, where I have a camera and a way to change codes over the internet. It is really bizarre such a solution is not obvious or widely available. I have such a lock today but I cannot change codes over the internet.

This is a must have for commercial installations. It would be best if it was a Ring keypad that actually then recorded the code used so we could track our access history by User.