Entry / Exit Delay, allow for custom time and/or add 15 seconds

My feature request is to add 15 seconds to the list of entry/exit delays, or just the ability to make it a custom amount of time. Currently the entry / exit delays are 30, 45, 60, 120, and 180 seconds. I would like a very short delay for when I am home. I use home mode when sleeping. 30 seconds is a very long period of time if someone were to break in while sleeping for the alarms to start sounding. At the same time, sometimes I or another member in the house forgets to disarm home mode in the morning, inadvertently setting of the alarm. It would be great to have a 10 or 15 second option, or just give people the ability to set their own delay times!

I agree, 15 secs would be great. 30 sec is way too much when the keypad is just next to the door.

Agreed why no 15 seconds or better yet custom?

They recently added mode schedules, so that people don’t forgot they can set the alarm to arm to a mode automatically or disarm automatically at a certain time and if a sensor needs bypassing it will automatically do it and arm your chosen mode as for the delay I agree there should be 15 second option