Entry Delay should be dependant on and set by Mode and NOT Placement

Ring Alarm only sets entry delay by Placement. You must currently specify a sensor to be “Main Door” for it to have entry delay., therefore either it is either entry delayed or not. For example if you are in Home Mode at bedtime, your motion sensor in the foyer/living room will remain in entry delay because it has to be set as Main Door currently. However, you should be able to configure this in Modes, if I am home then no Entry Delay, if I am away then Entry Delay and vice versa. The front door for example is forced into Entry Delay, even at bedtime when you are home and asleep.

@ HouTX

Just seeing this post today for the first time and I don’t know if this feature was added after your post: you can customize Home Mode in Settings. Go to Settings>Modes (under Location Settings)>Home. Entry and exit delays can be set to 0s without affecting the delay settings of your Away Mode (which are also customizable).

jgsel, that setting controls delay on ALL sensors that are set to “Main Door”, not individually. You cannot for example, set your Kitchen motion sensor to delay mode when Home, without also setting your Front Door sensor to delay mode when Home. Even my 20 year old wired alarm allowed you to set which individual sensor should be delayed by Mode.