Entrotec EV Ring intercom

Good morning all,

I’m having some trouble getting my Ring Intercom working with my Entrotec EV.
According to the Entrotec EV wiring diagram, if DS is required BZ does not need to be connected, hoever both are wired in on mine. When testing voltage through all terminals through 0V I found following. 0V on DR, 12V on VT, 0V on BZ, 0V on S1, 0V on S2, 11.5V on DS, 0V on V-, 0V on V+, 0V on CB and 0V on EX. When testing the voltage with the incoming call, I get voltage on following, 5.5V on S2, 5.5V on S1and the same on V- and V+. Now this brings me on to the wire A6, of the Ring Intercome, which I understand to be the incoming call. The instructions tell you to wire this on BZ, however as I’m having no voltage on BZ, the Ring Intercom does not notify me of someone pressing the door bell. Few people have suggested to tap A6 onto either S1/S2 as they become live during the call. This way the Ring Intercome works fully, I can hear and be heard and I can also release the door without touching the handset. However, I find that without me lifting and replacing the handset after succesfull Ring Intercom operation, the Ring Intercom will not work the second time. Any idea what else to try? Ideally making BZ or EX active so that I can tap the A6 onto one of those terminals? Thanks for your help.

Hi @Tom94. Welcome to the Ring Community!
Please contact our Ring Intercom customer support by emailing or calling our team, please share with us a picture of the wiring and we will be more than happy to take a look at this with you. You can find our support number here: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/10070641988500-Ring-Intercom-Support. We look forward to hearing from you.

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