Enhancements on the WIFI connection. reporting, control, and reboot features

I am having issues with the RING cameras, all related to latency and/or no connection. My WIFI works with other cameras (different brands). In an attempt to fix the issues with the RING cameras, I set up 2 repeaters, AKA wifi extenders. The problem is that the cameras do not connect to the strongest WIFI signal. All repeaters have the same SSID and the cameras connect to the first signal from the same SSID they see. This situation brings a few issues that need to be addressed by the Ring app. 1) One needs to be able to switch WIFI networks without the need to climb a ladder and physically push a button. The app needs to be friendly to enable WIFI network switch directly. 2) The SSIDs displayed as candidates for connection need to be separated by MAC address and signal report. This would allow the user to select the best connection. 3) Ideally, the cameras need to poll from time to time and switch to the strongest signal, and not be stuck to an wifi signal from an access point or repeater that was the first one seen. This would allow the camera to always be connected to the best and strongest signal. 4) One needs to be able to RESTART/REBOOT the camera without the need to climb a ladder… the app needs to offer this functionality. The idea of the RING cameras is great, but they are very sensitive to the WIFI connection. Even strong signals are sometimes not enough. The app needs to be improved to deal with the limitation above, at least to enable an user to create a mesh system with repeaters and roam the connection to the best signal.

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