Enhanced Alexa Ring Skill

Currently, the Alexa skill allows for auto live view for select Echo Shows when someone rings your doorbell. It would be nice to be able to have motion alerts auto-populate in live view for Show devices as well. This would stop the need for me grabbing my phone when it could be shown on my Shows when motion triggers.


I agree. I don’t want motion announcements on my echo devices but would love for live view to auto populate when on my echo show when motion is detected.

I’ve asked for this capability in the past, but after a year there’s still no progress. If Ring can notify an Echo device there is movement, there should be an option to open the doorbell automatically on an Echo Show.

I agree. I live in assisted living community and the caregivers are standing at my side before I can look on my phone because they have the keys!

I came here to request this! This should be quite easy to implement.

Agreed, Would love this feature as well