Enhance door contact sensors

From a recent intruder experience it would be good to see more flexibility with the alarm system and specifically the contact sensors! I have these sensors all around the property including out-buildings. I would be good If I could set the sensor to continually alert the alarm all the time the contact is open! Just the one beep wasn’t enough for my brain to comperhend someone had entered a shed in the darkness! it’s only when they they opened a second shed that I went to investigate! So please more flexibility! a request from the ‘coalface’.

Multi-zone support would be nice. (e.g. can arm the alarm for the outbuildings while leaving the house disarmed.) I can see that being useful for my home office.

I would love this, or an alert for when a door/window has been opened for a specific amount of time. (Example: Forgot to shut door, didn’t shut it correctly)