Energy Monitoring

I have 6 Ring cameras (doorbell included), but have my alarm system through another large company. It has a z-wave hub built into the panel and I have enjoyed being able to build out a home automation system that worked well with my security system. One of the devices is a z-wave whole home energy monitor by Aeotec. I can track my homes energy usage from my security system as it relates to lights and plugs and have more information for tailoring my automation to cut usage, controlled by my security system. Is this functionality built into the Ring Alarm platform? Does it need to be added? I tried calling customer support and they didn’t know what I was talking about, so my hopes are pretty low at this point. I am very familiar with the Ring app on iOS and Android as I have been using it for many years. I don’t see a feature available on it at this time and Ring itself doesn’t have any information, that I have found. Not here or any of the other popular “how to” sites on the web. I get that if a device is z-wave, it will work. I haven’t found anything backing that up for my home energy meter, or any of the energy monitoring plugs I also have installed. I want to know what it will look like if it will work, specifically energy monitoring. And no, it won’t work with Alexa since Alexa doesn’t support z-wave. Thanks.

Hi @JeremyA. You can read more about what third-party devices work with Ring in our Help Center Article here. Your Aeotec energy monitor wouldn’t be compatible with the Ring Alarm system, even if it is a Z-Wave device. The Base Station from the Ring Alarm system acts as a Z-Wave hub for all the components, so you can’t integrate another Z-Wave hub with the Base Station. You can add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, so other neighbors can share interest and vote on your idea as well. :slight_smile: