End of Plan

My trail plan will be coming to the end soon, I’m not sure I want to pay any subscription, if I don’t, I do realize that nothing will be stored on a cloud.

I think I will be able to see live who is at my door, but will I be able to see who if any I have missed in the same day, or is it just as it happens?

Hope I’ve made myself clear ?

Hi @tonkie. If you chose to not subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan, you will not be able to view any videos that are not Live Streamed. You will only be able to see things as they happen. You will get notifications and this info will be stored in your history, but no video will be there. I hope this information helps.

Thanks for the reply

so if I go for the basic plan, will that include my doorbell and a chime?

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Hey @tonkie. Your Doorbell will be cover under the Basic Plan. Chimes however, are not covered under any plan because they are an accessory and cannot record. :smiley:

What I meant is, if I go for the basic plan, will my Chime work with the basic cover


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