Enable personalized motion zones on Spotlight Cam Battery

Since Spotlight Cam Battery can be connected to a power source (such as a solar panel), why don’t you enable the more advanced motion zone personalization options that are available on other battery cameras when they are connected to power?

I hope you don’t suggest that I just buy a Spotlight Cam Solar. I’m sure many people buy the battery version then decide to add a power source later.


I’m surprised more people aren’t chiming in on this. Right now, I wish I could put a wired cam above my driveway. But, I’d have to hire an electrician to install it as I don’t mess with electrical. More expensive than what its worth (or is it? lol). The battery cam was perfect for my scenario. Unfortunately, the motion zone adjustments have left more to be desired.

The solar version of the camera doesn’t do anything different, its just a battery cam that they send a solar panel with from what I’ve heard. I totally agree with you. Those of us who have solar panels, should be able to have the features of the wired cams as far as customizable motion zones and advnaced motion detection goes.

My cam works, but in order for it to work how I want it to, I have to pick up on cars. At least the people only alerts work. But, I have that it detects some cars as “people” lol. Other than that, it works great for the most part, and the solar panel keeps my battery at 100%. Just wish the motion detection wasn’t so flakey.

Still irritated that I can pick up basically every car that passes in front of my house. But Me or my wife could pull up after coming home from work, and walk in the front door, and not get a single notification. Whats up with that? Seriously lol… I understand if I have a battery only, but putting in a solar panel should give me the features the wired cam.

I want to back up this idea for this truly needed customizable motion zones.

Also, why can My family arrive home in our car, get out and all walk into our home and there be NO alert from my solar spotlight cam that there was any activity in my driveway? I am very upset about this!!

I originally got just he battery, but added solar. frustratingly though, even though the charge is pretty constant here the camera still acts as though it’s just on battery and obsesses about saving power at the expense of functionality.

it should be a simple matter to ‘learn’ the power availability over time and make intelligent optimizations (based on solar or mains supply) rather than just stay dumb :frowning: