Enable motion alerts without recording

Out of concern for the privacy of my neighbors and myself I am no longer interested in paying for that feature, but now I am no longer able to get motion alerts when someone is at my door. Please allow the camera to detect motion without recording. I am alarmed at the partnership with local police agencies and do not want my camera recording all the black people walking past my house and risk having them profiled or matched with faulty facial recognition software.

Please allow motion alerts though so I can be alerted by late night prowlers or the arrival of packages. I refuse to have my camera recording events and stored in the cloud when I do not have to ability to view or delete them, but without motion alerts the doorbell is basically useless.

Hey @Hairymonster. Thank you for detailing this concern you’re having in the Community, and I’m happy to help further here! It sounds like you have cancelled your Ring Protect Plan so that you no longer have your videos recorded and stored for you, correct? If this is the case, you should still be able to get motion alerts whenever your camera is detecting motion. You will want to ensure that you have Motion Alerts turned on in the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell/Cam > Motion Alerts toggle at the top right is slid over to the right and on. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you do not have a Mode enabled that is preventing motion from being detected and thus alerting you as well.

If you have checked all of these areas and are still not getting alerts, please try to remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone and then reinstall the Ring app. Once reinstalled, log back in and refresh your notification preferences. After that, go in front of your camera to trigger the alert and let me know if that goes through! :slight_smile: