Enable live view with Firefox and dump 2 stage authorisation

I only use fire fox, the blurb says it will work with Firefox but live view does not.
Also give the option of NOT having 2 stage authorisation, it asks every time and delays everything so much. It may be that I delete all cookies when I shut down the browser but I don’t want cookies.

If you don’t want to have to redo information for websites that use cookies, then you’ll have to make an exception for them. I don’t use Firefox, but I’d presume you could set it so Ring cookies aren’t deleted, but all others are. Might take some experimenting.

It is insane that the Ring Live View feature is NOT SUPPORTED in Firefox, a widely-used browser that has been around in one form or another longer than Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

This is typical of the current ‘my way or the highway’ attitude of companies with locked-in users.

Ring is barely OK. It ‘works when it works’ but it is way too reliant on good solid internet connectivity, subscribing to their ‘plans’ and using their mandated browsers and apps.

Not impressed.

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I just bought 5 cameras, a door bell and a flood light. It’s important that Ring supports firefox, as it’s less invasive and users have more privacy control than Chrome (and I assume Edge based on Microsoft telemetry).

2FA should also be optional.

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