Enable Audio Streaming but disable Audio Recording?

I live in a 2-party consent state (CA - very strict wiretapping law), in an apartment complex where my Ring Peephole Cam faces straight to the opposite neighbor’s front-door (we’re only 4-5 feet apart in the hallway).

From what I’ve researched & read it’s best if I disable Audio Recording to avoid troubles. However, currently in Ring doorbell (I use Ring Peephole Cam), disabling audio recording will also disable Audio streaming of the Ring doorbell in Live View (which means e.g. if I talk to someone outside let’s say an UPS driver coming to pick up my packages, I am able to speak to him but not able to hear what he says).

Is there a way that I can enable Ring doorbell audio streaming (in Live View), but disable audio recording in other situations? Currently Wyze Cam v2 supports separation of Audio Streaming and Audio Recording.

I would imagine that there should be a (software) option for us to keep recording both audio and video, but chooses to whether to strip the video off of each video? Or maybe strip audio off of recordings only yet not stripping audio off of Live View/streaming mode? I’m not sure if the solution can be purely software-based?

I live in Washington and we have similar laws. I had your question too! After seeing there weren’t any answers to your question, I contacted Ring support. They told me there is not currently a function to disable audio recording while also enabling audio streaming. I gave them the feedback that this functionality would be very helpful — especially given that audio recording without consent may be illegal but unrecorded audio streaming isn’t. It would be helpful to be able to carry on an unrecorded conversation with someone. So I hope Ring develops that function!

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Hi, can I +1 this feature too. I live on a busy street and don’t want to invade peoples privacy by recording audio on motion sensing. But I do want to be able to speak to someone if they ring my doorbell!